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Focus is key

Survival in the process jungle

Less bureaucracy
more innovation


Modern software and system development is not only about products. There is a growing demand to demonstrate compliance to various standards and norms, forcing developers to find their way through a jungle of vague, sometimes overlapping or contradictory process requirements.

Our expertise

We relieve your development team from much of this overhead. We're proficient in AutomotiveSPICE, IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, we're experts in modern development approaches, methods and tools, and we're experienced in process assessments and audits.

Your benefit

In a nutshell: Confidence in process compliance. And a development team that does what it is best at: Creating innovative new products.

Because focus is key.

Our services

Process framework

Save time setting up your process documentation! Our assessment-proven documentation framework for AutomotiveSPICE and ISO 26262 significantly reduces project initiation time and facilitates agile development.

Process shepherding

Unburden your engineers from the bureaucracy of process compliance! We coach and support your engineers in documenting their activities, we review work products and follow up on open points.

Assessment support

Be confident in your process assessments! We prepare your team for assessment interviews and in assessements serve as matchmakers between your processes and the assessor’s demands.

Software quality

Be aware of the state of your embedded software! With custom analysis tools and many years of experience, we give a project-specific assessment of source code, AUTOSAR architectures and supporting work products.

About us

Foqee was founded in January 2017. We are building a team in which everyone can rely on each other, where we aim for flexible work times and work spaces, and strive to continuously learn from each other and our business partners.

In short, we want to be a place one likes to work at and a team one likes to work with.

Klaus Kober
Founder and director

Agile development processes, functional safety, ISO 26262, CMMI, AutomotiveSPICE.

Jan Philipps
Founder and director

Functional safety, ISO 26262, model-based engineering, AUTOSAR, code and architecture analysis.

Let your engineers engineer!

Let us lead you out of the process jungle!

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